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Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in the heart.
Remember this.
- (via life-is-like-a-story-book)
Samfunnet:er du under 50kg?
Jenta: nei, men jeg er fornøyd.
Samfunnet: er håret ditt ned til rumpa?
Jenta: nei, men…
Samfunnet: har du et perfekt smil?
Jenta: nei.
Samfunnet: er du klar over hvor stygg du er? Vet du at ingen vil ha deg?
Samfunnet: vent hvor ble du av?
Samfunnet: begikk du selvmord?
Samfunnet: omg nei, du var vakker og spesiell og elsket! Du vil bli savnet mye! Med mindre du er perfekt, så bryr ingen seg om deg før du er død. Du innser hvor mye du savnede når du er borte.
Forsøkt selvmord: “oppmerksomhets syke.”
Mens vellykka selvmord: du er vakker, pen, elsket. Nå er du borte.
- (via life-is-like-a-story-book)
Girls, take just a minute to read this. I know how some of you are feeling right now. You are tired of pretending to be happy. You still love that one guy even though you know he has moved on. You don’t feel like you are skinny enough or pretty enough. You cry sometimes when you look in the mirror. You feel like all of your friends have left you. You cry at night because you feel like the world is crashing down on top of YOUR sholders. Well take just a minute and take a deep breath in. Because you are not alone. You mean do much to someone in yourlife. Look in the mirror and SMILE because God made a masterpiece when he created you. You are beautiful in every way, shape, and form. God loves you. If you ever need someone to talk to I am here. Be positive and stay strong because the storm can´t last forever.
You´re all beautiful…
- (via life-is-like-a-story-book)
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The Fault in Our Stars
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Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! 
My OC is officially a cartoon character now!!! Thank you sooooo much @audra_hime!!!!! She is everything I dreamed and more! 
I bought a blank G3 on Ebay a year or so ago and I designed, painted, and created her myself! Her name is Dollicious and her cutie mark is original as well! There is a story behind it and it’s very special to me. I contacted @audra_hime about drawing her up for me and oh my goodness she turned out soooo flawless! I am completely & totally in LOVE! I am going to print her out, frame it, and hang it in my room! Audra I seriously cant thank you enough!
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Cute cat :)
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