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Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! 
My OC is officially a cartoon character now!!! Thank you sooooo much @audra_hime!!!!! She is everything I dreamed and more! 
I bought a blank G3 on Ebay a year or so ago and I designed, painted, and created her myself! Her name is Dollicious and her cutie mark is original as well! There is a story behind it and it’s very special to me. I contacted @audra_hime about drawing her up for me and oh my goodness she turned out soooo flawless! I am completely & totally in LOVE! I am going to print her out, frame it, and hang it in my room! Audra I seriously cant thank you enough!
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Cute cat :)
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Pegasus family
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Frozen 😘
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So true!
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Cute ❤
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